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Pirated a DVD or a book? Want to be "forgiv'en?" Let us help you give back!


We can help you reach forgiveness. We do this by giving back what you took from Authors/Creators and clearing your guilty conscience. With our assistance you will find that being forgiven is both easy and satisfying. What if the Creator doesn't want your donation? We have that covered too. You can choose from a list of charities or of your own choosing and have your donation sent there!

About us

About us

Did you pirate a movie or a book when you were young and broke? Do you now feel like you should give something back to the author/creator? Then forgivme is your platform!

Simply fill in the form and make a deposit of your choice – and we will take care of the rest. We will contact the beneficiary and send the money directly to them or a charity from our list. You will also get a reminder when the author has been notified and he/she has forgiven you! Say the creator is not available, then we will send your generous donation to a charity, such as Anthony Nolan, a fantastic charity that helps the children around the world with blood cancer.(All donations will go to the creators and no money will be deducted by

Then how do we make our money? We make our money via direct donations to and a small amount from the adverts you see on the sides. Lots of people have Pirated books/Films/Games etc.

 It is illegal but you are not the only one. 

Head to "top pirated" to find out more.


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